Total Clicks

Total Clicks

When to use it?

To assess if your companies efforts and resources in engaging in social media and brand management meet your objectives and can be justified.

How to solve for Total Clicks?

\[ {{c}_{total}} = {{WOM}_{IC}} \times \ {{c}_{d}} \]


  • \( {{c}_{total}} \) is the number of total clicks.
  • \( {{WOM}_{IC}} \) is the word-of-mouth factor, including any campaigns based on your efforts, see here.
  • \( {{c}_{d}} \) are all direct clicks to the website; excluding all referral clicks.

To derive the total clicks that come from satisfied customers, reach campaigns and the individuals who are referred to your companies website due to these referrals you can take the WOM(IC) formula and multiply it with all direct clicks your site accumulated within a specific time frame.


In our previous WOM example we calculated the \( {{WOM}_{IC}} \) the following way:

\[ {{WOM}_{IC}} = \frac{{{c}_{d}} + {{c}_{reach}} + {{c}_{recp}} + {{c}_{revp}} + {{c}_{ref}} }{{{c}_{d}}} \]

Whereby the direct clicks are added with the number of clicks of the 4 R's: Reach, Recommendations, Reviews and Referrals.

Assume the \( {{WOM}_{IC}} = \frac{55,000 + 380,000}{55,000} = 7.91 \)

\[ {{c}_{total}} = {{WOM}_{IC}} \times \ {{c}_{d}} = \frac{55,000 + 380,000}{55,000} \times \ 55,000 = 435,000 \]

Considerations and Impact

The application of social media channels must be a means to an end. It doesn't make sense for you to spend all this time, effort and resources in engaging in social media, and brand management if it doesn't meet the objectives you have set for your company. Total clicks give insight about the potential multiplier gained from \( {{WOM}_{IC}} \); Feel free to run the formula with \( {{WOM}_{P}} \).

This metric is found in: Digital And Social Metrics

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