A list of all relevant Digital And Social Metrics

The beauty of digital marketing is that it comes with a great deal of data that allows a digital marketer to measure performance, uncover trends and opportunities, and most importantly make informed decisions. Digital marketing is the living proof that marketing is neither magic nor something you put money in and hope for the best. Here are some must-know metrics that allow you to take control of your digital marketing efforts.

Metric Collection

\[ GPI = {{x}_{ttv}} \]

To measure your website usage and frequency.

\[ {{WOM}_{P}} = \frac{{{c}_{d}} + {{c}_{recp}} + {{c}_{revp}} + {{c}_{ref}} }{{{c}_{d}}} \]

To assess how many people are being referred to you by customers who had a positive purchasing experience with your company.

\[ {{c}_{total}} = {{WOM}_{IC}} \times \ {{c}_{d}} \]

To assess if your companies efforts and resources in engaging in social media and brand management meet your objectives and can be justified.

Quote of the day

Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.

- Jay Baer

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