Gross Page Impressions (GPI)

Gross Page Impressions (GPI)

Also commonly known as Gross Page Request (GPR)

When to use it?

To measure your website usage and frequency.

How to solve for Gross Page Impressions (GPI)?

\[ GPI = {{x}_{ttv}} \]


  • \({{x}_{ttv}}\) is the total traffic volume

You use the Gross page impressions (GPI), or as it is also known as Gross Page Request (GPR), to measure your website's total traffic volume.


Your GPI is 300,000 impressions if your total traffic volume is 300,000.

Considerations and Impact

The GPI is an excellent starting point for analyzing your marketing efforts as it reveals to marketers whether their website is generating much interest from the market overall. It doesn't go much deeper than that. What you may want to use it for is to determine the advertising potential for your website based on the traffic you currently experience. This data, in turn, comes in handy when you wish to sell the attractiveness to potential advertisers.

This metric is found in: Digital And Social Metrics

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